Where to Stay

Visitors to Weipa and those moving to the area will discover a great range of housing and accommodation options, including resorts, bed and breakfasts, caravan and camping grounds, apartments and even houseboats! These options span a range of different styles and budgets, so it’s easy to find something to suit your needs.

Albatross Bay Resort
Duyfken Cresent, Weipa QLD 4874
(07) 4090 6666
Heritage Resort
55 Commercial Ave, Nanum QLD 4874
(07) 4069 8000
Anchorage Weipa
2 Tonkin Road, Rocky Point QLD 4874
(07) 4069 7535
Weipa Caravan Park and Camping Ground
Kerr Point Drive, Weipa QLD 4874
(07) 4069 7871
Ash Palms Apartments
2 Alstonia Drive, Weipa QLD 4874
(07) 4069 9860
Weipa Houseboats
Kerr Point Drive, Weipa QLD 4874
(07) 4069 7469

Camping outside of Weipa

Weipa Town Authority does not issue permits for camping areas outside our township, please contact the appropriate local council or authority for details:

For more information on Cape York Local Government bourdaries follow this link https://www.dlgrma.qld.gov.au/resources/map/local-government-area-boundaries.pdf

Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council
412 Moun Ding St, Napranum QLD 4874
(07) 4090 5600
Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council
Red Beach Road, Mapoon QLD 4874
(07) 4082 5200
Department of National Parks Sport and Racing