Meet the Members

The Weipa Town Authority is made up of seven Members. Of these, four Members are elected by Weipa residents on the Queensland electoral roll, two are appointed by Rio Tinto, and one Member is appointed by the Alngith Traditional Owners.


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Elected Members

  • Jaime gane Headshot 2024 smaller

    Jaime Gane's family relocated to Weipa when she was two years old, and it has been her home ever since. Alongside her husband Kurt, a fellow long-time local, they have raised their two daughters, who will complete all of their schooling at Western Cape College.

    She has always been a very passionate and active community member, and has been involved in a variety of different clubs and community groups in her time. Jaime believes that the people in this community who volunteer their time to run clubs, organisations, and host fantastic community events are a big part of what makes Weipa so special and such a great place to live.

    Her experiences growing up in Weipa, involvement in a range of different work environments and community groups, as well as owning and operating multiple small businesses, give her a great insight into the challenges faced by different age groups, businesses and community groups. 

    Jaime is fiercely passionate about her town and region and is very driven to ensure that Weipa has a bright and prosperous future for generations to come, and to help create opportunities for more residents to make Weipa their long-term home.

  • Geoff Headshot 2024

    Geoff was bred and raised almost exclusively in North QLD (with the exception of a 2-year stint in the South-East corner as a child - that he’d sooner forget).  He first visited Weipa in 2010 for business and was immediately in awe of this unique community, the appeal, its lifestyle, and the meat-lovers pizza from the Bowlies. Committed to his career with Queensland Corrective Services however, Geoff bided his time, until 2014 when he jumped at the opportunity to move permanently to Weipa as the inaugural District Manager of the Weipa Community Corrections Office. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Over the years, Geoff and his family have been involved in a number of community groups and events including the Weipa Fishing Classic, the local State Emergency Service group, Weipa Running Festival, and Wine by the Sea, to name a few. Growing up in small rural towns, and having a background in psychology, Geoff appreciates all too well how staying connected and engaging in the community can greatly improve mental health and overall wellbeing outcomes for our residents. This was all too evident during the pandemic, and it served as a personal motivation for Geoff to invest further in the community.

    15+ years of service to date with Queensland Corrective Services and being a volunteer member of the State Emergency Services, it’s no surprise that Geoff’s other passion is that of community safety. As an elected member, Geoff will be continually looking for opportunities as to how the Weipa Town Authority can contribute to keeping our community safe.

    Well done is better than well said.

  • Trent Headshot 2024

    Trent has lived on Cape York most of his life, apart from time at boarding school in Townsville and completing an apprenticeship in Cairns. He moved permanently to Weipa in 2003 after flying here for work and developing a love of the lifestyle and the community. Trent has been actively involved in many community events and sporting groups over the years, most notably coaching and refereeing junior rugby league for the last 12 years.

    Trent believes with the right strategic vision Weipa will continue to sustainably grow as the central hub for the Western Cape Region without losing what makes it such a special place to live and work.

    An opportunity only exists because a problem has been solved.

  • Lisa Headshot 2024

    Lisa has always led a nomadic life, living in many places, and had a lot of adventures, including sailing Northern Australia with her small family. In 2020 she embarked on a new journey to Weipa with her husband, falling in love with the landscape, lifestyle, and people.

    Belonging and connecting to the many towns and people where she lives has always been incredibly important to Lisa and is the driver for her community focused spirit. Her business ‘Get your Art on’ is dedicated to enriching the community through art and fostering a sense of belonging and connection for all residents. Lisa is a full-time multi-disciplinary artist and an active member of Weipa Potters, serving as President.

    Lisa is dedicated to cultivating a future for Weipa where individuals feel deeply connected, fully supported, and empowered to thrive, not merely survive, as they proudly call Weipa their home. 

    Belonging and connecting is the essence of a life well-lived.

Appointed Representatives

  • Tim ryan Headshot 2024

    Tim initially came to Weipa in 2009 on a 6-month secondment, but later returned in 2011 with what started as a 2-year plan. As he settled into the community that plan changed to a 5-year plan and is now a lifestyle choice. Tim loves the outdoor lifestyle and friendly people that are the beating heart of Weipa. Tim is currently the Manager of Water and Tailings with Rio Tinto, rising through a variety of positions since he came to Weipa including Environmental specialist and HSE Business partner.

    Tim likes to work with the community and is heavily involved in Weipa SES and previously involved in numerous junior sports associations, including Soccer and BMX. He believes many resource and tourism opportunities will come to Weipa, as the hub for the Cape, allowing the Western Cape to grow and thrive well into the future. Tim’s strong passion and enjoyment of the outdoors and events that bring the community together is why he now calls Weipa home.

  • Aaron scleich Headshot 2024

    Aaron came to Weipa in 2007 through Rio Tinto to start his professional career as a Mechanical Engineer. He has two bachelor degrees: Environmental Technology and Mechanical Engineering; which are pivotal in supporting his strength and success in his current position as the Maintenance & Shutdown Superintendent with Rio Tinto.

    Aaron is a strong advocate for the Weipa region and passionate community member demonstrated through his successive role as President of the Weipa Fishing Classic. He strives to shape and strengthen Weipa and the surrounding communities so others can visit and experience this wonderful, beautiful and culturally prominent region he calls home. 

  • Jackie Headshot 2024

    Traditional Owner Representative of the Alngith People

    Jackie is the Traditional Owner Representative on the Weipa Town Authority. She has lived in Weipa her whole life and has a partner, two children, one grand daughter and a nephew who she cares for.

    Jackie feels privileged to represent the Alngith Traditional Owner group (known as the Alngith people), as Napranum/Weipa was the Alngith ancestral land prior to becoming a township.

    Jackie has served in a variety of government and community roles in Weipa, including the Act for Kids safe house in Napranum, Cape York Land Council, Napranum Council and Napranum Youth Centre.

    In addition, Jackie was also a member of the first WCCCA Coordinating Committee and Main Trust. The Alngith people are members of this agreement, along with four other traditional owner groups.

    Jackie currently Chairs the Alngith Corporation Board. She has also had extensive involvement in the development of the Weipa Township Agreement, including negotiating with Queensland State Government and Rio Tinto. She is a current Director and shareholder of the Ely Trust.

    Through her WTA position, Jackie is looking forward to working for the Weipa community. “This is our home, and I will work hard to create positive outcomes for the whole community,” she says.