Local Fare Scheme


The Local Fare Scheme (LFS) is an airfare discount of up to $400 for return air travel administered through participating airlines that operate regular passenger transport flights in the region. 

The scheme aims to improve the standard of living in remote parts of Far North Queensland by reducing the cost of air travel to and from selected airports for eligible residents. Through financial assistance, the scheme allows eligible residents to move around more frequently, enabling social and recreational benefits that in turn will help boost the local economy.

Eligible residents are those who can demonstrate they have lived locally for a minimum of 3 years. To redeem the airfare discount, residents must apply for a Letter of Eligibility through their local Council or Authority. Airfares booked under the scheme must be booked through a local ticketing agent.

Please see our Local Fare Scheme FAQ for further details, terms and conditions, visit the TMR website, or download an application form today. 

Submit your committed application form along with the Local Fare Scheme Checklist.