Water and Sewerage



Weipa Town Authority (WTA) encourages all residents to take a responsible approach to the use of water. Efficient water demand management practices are necessary to ensure the township has adequate water during the dry season, which is typically six months in duration. 

Excess Water Charges

WTA charges both residential and commercial properties for excess water usage.

Residential: From February 2018, excess water charges apply to residential water that exceeds 4.93 kilolitres (KL) per dwelling per day (this equates to 1,800 KL per annum), at a rate of $0.54 per KL. A cap of 3,000 KL per annum (8.22 KL per dwelling per day) applies for twelve months residential billing, resulting in a maximum twelve month excess water charge of $648 per residential dwelling.

Commercial: From February 2019, the charges apply to commercial water that exceed 5.48 kilolitres (KL) per day (this equates to 2,000 KL per annum), at a rate of $0.54 per KL. There will be no cap for commercial excess water charges.

Watering Times

Watering times are from 6am to 8am on allocated days, with hand watering by an adult allowed outside these times. Odd numbered houses should water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Even numbered houses should water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

If a fully automated sprinkler system is installed, this system can be programmed to operate for a maximum of 2 hours on allocated days during the hours of Midnight to 6am.


Responsibility for the sewerage network in Weipa is shared between Weipa Township Authority (WTA) and Rio Tinto.

This responsibility covers the operation and maintenance of the fully reticulated sewerage system, as well as maintaining the systems and all related infrastructure.

The system collects sewerage for treatment from the point of discharge at a property, before discharging the treated waste in accordance with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP) licence agreement.  

The responsibilities shared by Rio Tinto and WTA include:

  • Collection, treatment and disposal of sewerage and trade waste
  • Operation of sewerage treatment plants and pumping stations
  • Maintenance of the gravity sewerage infrastructure and assets

For further information or to report any water or sewerage issues, please contact WTA on (07) 4030 9400.

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