Building Approvals

House and keys

The Weipa Town Authority provides a range of information and services related to planned building works. These are designed to ensure that applications are correctly completed and assessed, and that members of the community can easily contact the correct people for further information. 

Building work and renovations

If you are planning building work, renovations or additions, WTA can help you obtain the correct approval. Please note that garden sheds also require building approval.

Building and pool safety inspections

Our Certifier is available in Weipa on a fortnightly basis to undertake any footing, slab, bond beam, framing, final or pool safety inspections. Please provide 5 days’ notice when booking an inspection.

To book, please contact the Township Planning Department on (07) 4030 9400 or email.

Application forms

Up to date application forms can be downloaded from the Department of Planning and Public Works website

When a private certifier is engaged for proposed building work, Form 56 should be completed. You can print this off at the Department of Planning and Public Works website

Application checklists

When making a Building Application, it’s important to satisfy all the relevant requirements. To make this easier, we’ve compiled an Application Checklist available below.

Dispensation building work setback and size requirements

Should your proposal be within the policy setbacks and/or size requirements, you may apply for a siting dispensation. 

To apply, please fill in the form and email our Building Certifier. Alternatively, contact Weipa Town Authority by mail or email.

Attention:  Coordinator Township Planning
Weipa Town Authority
PO Box 420
Weipa  QLD 4874

Building permit search

Buying property or land is a major decision and a large investment. To assist prospective property owners, details of existing approvals, certificates of classification and legal notices can be requested through Weipa Town Authority.

Building and planning compliance

Weipa Town Authority officers undertake random audits of development sites to ensure conditions of development are compliant and in accordance with all approvals.

Private Certifier lodgements

All Private Certifier lodgements must be sent by mail or email to:

Attention:  Coordinator Township Planning
Weipa Town Authority
PO Box 420
Weipa  QLD 4874


Asbestos is dangerous when tiny fibres are inhaled.  The fibres can lodge in your lungs and eventually cause disease.

However, if it is in good condition, asbestos is not dangerous.

Exposure to damaged asbestos can cause 3 main diseases:

  • Asbestosis
  • Lung Cancer
  • Mesothelioma

Asbestos is commonly found in houses, buildings, sheds and many other areas in Weipa.  It is important to be aware of the potential risks, legislation, regulations, and code of practice with asbestos when conducting any renovations, minor maintenance and/or removal/demolition.

All information on asbestos with links to legislation, regulation and code of practice can be found on the Queensland Government website.