Food Safety

Weipa Town Authority are committed to helping businesses, community organisations and individuals prepare and serve safe food.

The Environmental Health team monitors the food safety and hygiene standards of local food businesses to ensure compliance with the Food Act 2006. With almost five million Australians getting sick from eating unsafe food each year serving safe food is vital to the success of any business.

The team can also provide advice to the community about preparing, serving, selling and donating food. 

Reporting a food safety issue

If you’re concerned about a food business and wish to obtain advice or make a complaint, you can contact us in confidence on 07 4030 9400. 

Some types of complaints are regulated by various State Government Departments

Do I need a food licence? 

Most food businesses are required to obtain a food business licence from WTA before they start operating.

You can find out more information about licensing requirements for starting and operating a business at the bottom of this page. 

What about a mobile food van or temporary food stall at an outdoor event?

How do I apply for a food licence and what are the application fees?

I already operate a food business

What if I want to transfer, sell or buy an existing food business or wish to renovate of upgrade my food premises?

I would like information on food safety training and good food safety management practices?

Please contact the Communities Department at WTA on 07 4030 9400 if you require more information.

Applying for and operating a food premises

Once an application is received we aim to process it within 30 days, and will notify you when a decision has been made. If we require additional information to process your application, we will ask you for this (which may extend the assessment timeframe). 

Before commencing operation, you must contact WTA for an approval inspection. Fines and prosecution may apply for operating a food business before receiving all WTA approvals. 

The following documents and guidelines are designed to assist you in setting up and operating your food premises.                                                                                                                     



I would like to set up


How to start a food business

Application for Food Business Licence

What layout drawings or plans do I need to submit?

Trade Waste Application Form

Fixed Food Business


Starting a Home-Based Food Business

Home-Based Business Fact Sheet

Home-Based Food Business


Setting up a temporary food stall

Temporary Food Stall Application (for profit)

Temporary Food Stall Application (Not for profit)

Application for Mobile vending Permit

Temporary Food Stall

 at an Event


Setting up a mobile food van

Application for Food Business Licence

Application for Mobile vending Permit

Mobile Food Van


Setting up a Water Carrier

Application for Food Business Licence

Water Carrier



Do I need a Food Safety Supervisor for my business?

Food safety supervisor nomination form

Do I need a Food Safety Program?



Application Forms and Fees

All relevant application forms can be found here. A summary of key fees and charges can be found here. Please contact WTA’s Environmental Health Officer for applicable fees and charges relevant to your application.


Transfer, Sell or Buy an existing food licence

If you are planning on selling or buying a food business there are a few items you need to ensure are completed at the point of sale:

  • The intended new operator must have completed an Application for Food Licence and submitted it to WTA with the relevant fees. Note: this must be completed prior to the new owners operating a business as it is an offence under the Food Act 2006 to operate a food business with a food licence.
  • The intended new operator must complete a Trade Waste Application Form to apply for a trade waste permit and submit to the WTA with the relevant fees. Note: this must be completed prior to the new owners operating a business as it is an offence under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 to discharge trade waste to sewer without a permit from the local authority.

If you intend to refurbish the existing premises you may also require fit-out approval from WTA.

If you are considering purchasing a food business, you can ascertain its current level of compliance with Food Safety standards by applying for one of the following business inspection searches: 

  • Compliance report;
  • Inspection and written report or
  • Inspection and written report (required within 72 business days).

Please note that this process requires permission from the current licence holder or legal agencies acting on their behalf. Fees relating to these searches can be found here.

Renovating or making changes to existing licensed food premises

If you intend to renovate or refurbish existing premises, you may be required to apply for fit-out approval from WTA. Please fill out the Application for a Food Licence with the relevant fee and return to WTA.

Please note that you will need to provide two copies of the following plans (drawn to scale, not less than 1:50):

  • Floor plans, including waste disposal facilities and equipment location 
  • Elevations of each food preparation room or area
  • Mechanical exhaust ventilation (exhaust systems must comply with AS1668.2). Specifications for all equipment being serviced by the mechanical exhaust ventilation must be included. 

For further information on the fit-out of your food premises go to Local Government Toolbox.

Food safety training 

All persons handling food within a food business must have the appropriate skills and knowledge in food safety matters (via accredited or non-accredited training).

WTA have made available the free I’m Alert food safety training.

About the I'M ALERT food safety training course:

• its free

• has no limit on numbers that can sign up

• is all online

• includes interactive quizzes

• covers over 20 food safety topics

• provides a training acknowledgement upon completion.

Go to to commence the training.

For additional food safety training materials go to Local Government Toolbox.

Single-use Plastic Ban 

Have you heard - from 1 September the State government is introducing a ban on single use plastic items. The ban is part of Queensland’s plan to tackle plastic pollution. While officers from WTA will not be enforcing the ban we are certainly supportive of any initiative to reduce plastic waste and pollution. 

What items are banned?

Plastic single-use items -straws, cutlery, stirrers, bowls, plates and expanded polystyrene takeaway food containers and cups.

What do I need to do?

Ask your team -is there any way we can operate without single use items?

If not -consider the non-plastic alternatives- paper, wood, sugarcane or bamboo.

Am I compliant?

If you are unsure if you are compliant or if you have any questions about what to use, go to the State website or contact the National Retail Association via the hotline (1800 844 946) or email the team on for advice.

There are a range of fines for using these banned items after 1 September 2021 and any person can report a suspected breach via the State website or by calling 1800 844 946. 

Lets all support our local businesses in making the change for a cleaner Weipa.

Resources  have been developed to help educate customers about the ban and are free to download. Resources are available here.