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Town Planning Scheme

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Development Enquiries

If you have a Development Application enquiry or wish to arrange a pre-lodgement meeting, please contact the Weipa Town Authority – Township Planning Department on (07) 4030 9400 or email or visit the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning.

Planning and Development Certificate

A planning and development certificate provides information on the planning scheme provisions, infrastructure charges or agreements and development approvals that apply to a property. 

Under the Planning Act 2016 there are three types of planning and development certificates: limited, standard and full. The Planning Act 2016 prescribes the level of information provided in each certificate.  To apply for a planning and development certificate the application form will need to be lodged with WTA along with payment of the relevant application fee.

Development Applications

Information and Forms

For information on the development assessment process and development application forms visit the Queensland Government website.

Development assessment process - Development assessment process | Planning (

Development application forms - Development application forms and templates | Planning (

How to lodge

A development application must be submitted with all required information including application form, mandatory information and application fee.

Development application fees can be found here.  Weipa Town Authority Policy on Waiver and Discount of Fees and Charges (policy number POL-003) can be found here

The application must be:

  • Made to the assessment manager on the approved DA forms either by person, mail or email
  • Provided with all supporting information (stated on the DA form as mandatory information)
  • Lodged with the appropriate fee (see fees and charges)  
  • Accompanied (where required) by the consent of the owner of the land

Assessment of your application cannot begin until it meets these criteria. 

You can lodge your development application in person at the Weipa Town Office, via email or by mail to the Assessment Manager at:

Attention:  Superintendent 
Weipa Town Authority
PO Box 420
Weipa  Qld 4874

After the application is lodged, an invoice will be issued for the application fee.

Have your say on a Development Application

Members of the community are entitled to make a submission either for or against a Development Application during the formal public notification period. 

Residents can support or oppose proposed development by making a formal submission that explains in writing why you support or opposite the development proposal.

‘Properly made submissions’ must:

  • Be in writing and signed by each person who is listed as supporting it
  • Include the name and address of each person who signs it
  • State what aspects of the plan or proposed development you support or oppose and why
  • Be received by the Weipa Town Authority during the formal public notification period.

The Weipa Town Authority needs to understand the reasons behind your submission. For example, if you think the type of development proposed for your area is unsuitable, you need to say why it is unsuitable, not simply that you do not like it.

A person who makes a ‘properly made submission’ is called the ‘submitter’. Once the Weipa Town Authority considers all submissions, a copy of the decision is sent to everyone who wrote a submission; or the first person on the list of ‘submitters’ if signed by several people.

It is also important that the submission clearly details which development application you are making a submission about. 

You can make a submission by mail or email to:

Attention: Superintendent 
Weipa Town Authority
PO Box 420
Weipa  Qld 4874

Current Development Applications on Public Notification


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