Trade Waste


WTA and Rio Tinto provide a liquid trade waste disposal service for commercial and industrial waste.

The service is designed to promote environmental sustainability and safeguard public health, while ensuring that WTA, Rio Tinto and other businesses comply with their legal responsibilities.

  • Any business or premises discharging liquid waste into the Weipa sewage system requires a Trade Waste Permit. This is a State Government requirement, and heavy penalties apply for businesses operating without a permit or in non-compliance with their Trade Waste Permit.

    Businesses should obtain a Trade Waste Permit as a part of their approval process to commence operations and should be approved by WTA prior to discharging any waste into the sewage system. Permits are annual and require renewal at the beginning of each financial year.

    Weipa Town Authority recognises that not all businesses will have this permit in place, and requests they contact the Communities Department on 07 4030 9400.

  • A Trade Waste Application form must be completed and submitted to WTA with the correct fees.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Communities Department at WTA on 07 4030 9400. You can download the current Trade Waste Environmental Management Plan or review the Trade Waste Policy below.