Road with white car

Weipa Town Authority (WTA), oversees the management and care of all streets within the Weipa township. From maintenance to upkeep, we ensure that every road is properly maintained for your safety and convenience.

Within our township, you'll find well-sealed roads, each clearly marked with speed limits. In built-up areas, the speed limit is set at 50km/hr, promoting safety for residents and visitors alike. For added caution, school zones enforce a reduced speed limit of 40km/hr to prioritise the safety of our children.

As with any infrastructure, roads may experience wear and tear due to traffic and weather. We encourage you to help us maintain our roads by reporting any defects within the township area directly to the WTA via report and issue. Your contribution ensures that our streets remain safe and accessible for all.

    • Weipa is accessible from the south by the Peninsula Developmental Road (PDR). 
    • The PDR links to the Telegraph Road for access north.  
    • Weipa is linked to Mapoon via the Mapoon Road.
  • We advise motorists to use caution on all roads and drive to prevailing conditions, particularly outside the Weipa Township. Cape York roads are mainly dirt roads and 4WD vehicles are strongly recommended. 

    Following the tips below will help you stay safe and avoid delays or risk:

    • Prior to traveling, check the Queensland Government Traffic and Travel Information (see below), or visit the RACQ website to check on road works and closures. The Peninsular Developmental Road from Mareeba to Weipa and the Telegraph Road from Bamaga to Weipa may be closed during the wet season.
    •  Be extremely careful when crossing any stormwater on roadways. Do not attempt to traverse creeks and other crossings that are clearly under water. 
    • Check with locals as to road conditions. They often have the most up to date knowledge and conditions can change quickly in wet weather.
    • Abide by road signs and warnings at all times, and particularly where roads are being maintained or graded. 
    • Take extra spare tyres and have a supply of food on board if traveling in wet weather, in case you get caught between rivers/creeks.