Gps sign

Emergency Location Signage

Weipa Town Authority has recently installed several emergency location signs around town, enabling community members to easily identify their location in the event of an emergency. The new signs have been installed in most local parks, both boat ramps, the skate park, BMX track and Nanum bike track.

The emergency location signs include both the street address and GPS coordinates which can be provided to emergency services. We anticipate that these signs will improve response times of emergency services.

Works in progress

What's Happening at the Roundabout?

In an exciting new development, Weipa Town Authority is working to improve the safety and functionality of the area adjacent to the hospital roundabout located in Nanum. The junction maintains a busy stream of vehicular and pedestrian traffic throughout the year and is a known hot spot for mobile food vendors.

Works being carried out in this area include bitumen sealing the gravel to create a viable surface for the operation of mobile food vendors, installing safety bollards to direct traffic, and a concrete kerb installed along the full length of the park. Additional future works will also include the plantation of vegetation and drought-resistant plants.

These works will improve safety for both vendors and consumers by eliminating traffic hazards and safety risks. The project is scheduled to start on the 5th of November with completion expected mid-December. You can view the plan here.


Evans Landing Boat Ramp Walkway

Weipa can now enjoy improved access to the water with the completion of a new walkway alongside the Evans Landing boat ramp.

The 20-metre-long, grid-mesh walkway features handrails on both sides and is located on the right-hand side of the existing boat ramp. It allows small boat owners to safely secure their vessels while returning their car to the carpark.

The $77,000 project was funded by the Palaszczuk Government’s Marine Infrastructure Fund. It was delivered by the Weipa Town Authority and local construction contractor Goodline

Weipa Aquatic Centre

Swimming Pool Refurbishment

The Weipa Aquatic Centre has recently been refurbished. 

A thorough clean of the swimming pool has been completed, including the replacement of approximately 60 tiles and new grouting.

Sand in the pool filters have been replaced and new pumps, valves and seals installed in the plant room.

Change rooms now feature two private shower cubicles in each room, new toilets, benches and a fresh coat of paint. New joinery and roller doors have been installed in the kiosk, as well as air conditioning and a new roof.

The refurbishment has been completed with the laying of new artificial turf around the pool after leveling the ground and filling in potholes.

Bitumen Resealing

Rocky Point Court Bitumen Sealing Program

In response to community feedback, the Weipa Town Authority has recently undertaken an audit of the court arms in Rocky Point.

As a result of the audit, a program has been developed which involves bitumen sealing the ends of each court arm in Rocky Point to minimize dust and muddy conditions throughout the year.

This program will be carried out as a staged approach over the next two to three years, with works commencing in Kunduck Gardens, Munding Court, and Noola Court.

Further communications regarding upcoming courts will be advised later this year.