Our Mission

Vision, Mission & Guiding Principles  

The Weipa Town Authority (WTA) is committed to serving our community in a positive, consistent and democratic way. To help us achieve this, we have developed Vision and Mission Statements that help to define our overall objectives, and guiding principles that guide our day-to-day performance and priorities. 

Our Vision:

A diverse, connected and sustainable community, the hub of our unique Cape lifestyle.

Our Mission:

To deliver strong, accountable and inclusive leadership that meets the needs of the community through:

  • Generating opportunities for economic development 
  • Delivering high-quality municipal infrastructure and services
  • Providing open and transparent governance 
  • Creating and leveraging partnerships with the community including the traditional owners of the land 

Our Guiding Principles are:


Acting in an honest, impartial and trustworthy manner, and engendering a confidence both within our community and our organisation that this is the case.


Delivering quality and timely service based on reliable information, a responsive approach and the desire to continuously improve.

Valuing People

Valuing the contribution that people inside and outside the organisation make to achieve the town’s vision. Acknowledging and appreciating the cultural diversity in our community especially the traditional owners.


Ensuring our actions serve the people of Weipa and their long-term interests.


Providing services and facilities that offer value to the community in terms of cost, quality and reliability which are economically and ecologically sustainable.

Participation and Consultation

Providing genuine opportunities for informed community involvement in decision making, in a framework of local democracy.