Animal and Pet Management

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Animals can be a great addition to a family, but there are certain responsibilities that come with ownership.  The Weipa Town Authority's Local Laws and the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 (The Act) promote responsible pet ownership.

We take the responsibility for the management of animals under these Acts very seriously, in the interest of safety for the community and visitors.

Being a responsible dog owner

To be a responsible pet owner, you are required to comply with the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 and Weipa’s Local Laws. You can do this by:

  • Registering your animal/s at twelve (12) weeks of age. 
  • Microchipping your animal/s before 12 weeks of age. You are not permitted to sell or give away any cat or dog, born after July 2008, unless it’s been microchipped. 
  • You are required to prevent all animal related nuisance.
  • Always walk your animal/s on a lead.
  • Keep your animals under effective control at all times (you cannot tether your animal and leave it unattended).
  • Pick up after your animal/s in both public spaces and your property.
  • Provide adequate fencing to house the prescribed animal/s to your land specifically:
  1. Construct an enclosure to prevent your animal/s escaping under, over or through that enclosure.
  2. Is built of material so that the animal is unable to push, knock or pull the enclosure over to escape.
  3. Consideration should be given to the size, breed and temperament of your animal/s when building an enclosure.

If you are found to be in breach of the Act or Weipa’s Local Laws, you may be issued a Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN).


All dogs must be registered with Weipa Town Authority by the time they are twelve (12) weeks of age. By registering animals, owners ensure animals are easily identified when they are lost or have inadvertently escaped their property. Registrations are due by the 1st of June each year, with discounts being offered to:

  • Puppies for the first year, until the next registration period (free registration).
  • Owners whose animals are de-sexed.
  • Pensioners whose dogs are de-sexed.
  • Reciprocal registration. Owners who have recently moved to Weipa can transfer current dog registrations from other councils to WTA for free. This registration must be transferred within 14 days of moving to Weipa.
  • Pay online - Online Dog Registration Payment – Weipa Town Authority

For printable information on microchipping, please see the Fact Sheet on Animal Registration


The Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 (The Act) requires all cats and dogs to be microchipped before 12 weeks of age. This requirement came into effect in Queensland on July 2008, and allows owners to be reunited with their dogs or cat if they become separated.

There are three cases when microchipping your cat or dog is mandatory:

  • if a cat or dog was born after July 2008.
  • if a cat or dog, born after July 2008, is being sold or given away.
  • if a dog is a declared regulated dog.

Failure to do so may result in a Penalty Infringement Notice.

It is the responsibility of the owner, whether they are the current owner trying to sell or give the animal away, or the new owner acquiring the animal, to ensure the animal is microchipped.

You can check which agency maintains your microchip information at and contact them to check that your information is current.

Discounted desexing program

Each year, WTA provides residents with the opportunity to access a discounted desexing program for their animals. There are numerous benefits of desexing, which include:

  • Significantly reduced registration fee
  • Decreased aggression/ roaming
  • Reducing testicular and mammary tumors
  • Reducing unwanted litters

The number of vouchers available each year is limited, and animals must be registered with WTA to be eligible.

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