Mosquitoes Mosquitoes

Weipa has a tropical climate with mangroves and an annual wet season, all of which contribute to ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes.

More than 220 mosquito species can be found in Queensland, and many of these are carriers of diseases such as; Malaria, Ross River Fever, Zika Virus and Dengue Fever. Fortunately, it is believed that none of these diseases are carried by the types of mosquitoes found in the Weipa area. However, they can be easily introduced by infected visitors to Far North Queensland from countries where the diseases occur.

Mosquito Prevention and Control Mosquito Prevention and Control

Mosquitoes require water to breed. Females lay eggs on the water surface or on water's edge. The eggs hatch into larvae (wrigglers) and become pupae (tumblers). Both the wrigglers and tumblers live under the water before emerging as an adult, flying mosquito.

The WTA is encouraging all residents to self-manage the exposure to mosquitoes by;

  • Removing potential breeding zones at their homes.
  • Minimising the potential exposure to mosquitoes.

Please refer to Queensland Health's fact sheet on mosquitoes, or see their website for further information about Mosquito borne disease prevention and Zika Virus.