Plastic Bag Ban Plastic Bag Ban

From the 1st of July 2018, single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags will be banned from all retailers in Queensland.

With an estimated one billion lightweight single-use plastic shopping bags being used in Queensland each year, around 16 million of these enter the environment. This plastic pollution causes a significant impact including:

  • Endangerment of wildlife such as sea turtles and birds
  • Unsightly waterways, parks and roads
  • Clogging of infrastructure and;
  • Costly cleanup activities.

The ban applies to all plastic bags less than 35 microns in thickness and includes compostable, degradable and biodegradable bags. Other bags such as fresh produce (barrier) bags, garbage bags, nappy bags, dog poo bags and heavier weight single-use department plastic bags will not be affected.

The Queensland Government recommends using reusable green bags, heavy duty plastic bags, hessian bags and reusable freezer bags instead. 

For more information, please click here to visit the Queensland Government website.

Waste Management Waste Management


Weipa’s landfill facility on Kerr Point Drive is owned by Rio Tinto, and operated by a third party contractor; Remondis – 1300 660 453. 

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday    8am to 4pm
Public Holidays 8am to 4pm

Note: The Weipa landfill is closed on Good Friday and Christmas Day. On these days, skip bins are provided at the gates for rubbish disposal.

Please see Landfill Disposal Fees and Charges for information on domestic and commercial waste charges.

Domestic and commercial waste collection

Weipa Town Authority (WTA) offers a twice-weekly waste collection service for all residential premises in Weipa. 

Residents are requested to place their 240L mobile garbage bins on the kerbside by 6am each collection day. Please note that bins should not be placed within one metre of any other object. 

Bin collections occur on the following days for residential premises:

Day Suburb
Monday & Thursday    Nanum, Trunding and Evans Landing
Tuesday & Friday  Rocky Point and Golf Links Estate

Web Form Web Form

New/Replacement Bin Request Form
One standard 240 litre domestic waste "wheelie" bin is supplied by the WTA at every residence in Weipa. Please complete this form to request a new or replacement "wheelie" bin
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Provide details as to why a new or replacement bin is requested, e.g. Newly built house; large split in the existing bin.

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Commercial waste collection

There are two waste collection options available to commercial businesses in Weipa.

  • Businesses can have their waste collected via 240L mobile garbage bins (as for residential premises). This is organised by WTA and charged through property rates.
  • Businesses can enter a private agreement with the waste contractor to supply and collect skip bins (of various sizes) from their premises. WTA is not involved in these private agreements.

Issues, concerns and complaints

If you have any issues, concerns or complaints about waste, littering or rubbish, please contact WTA on 07 4030 9400.

For any complaints about the landfill, please contact RTA Weipa’s Community Relations Hotline on 1800 707 633.


Littering in our streets and waterways affects the quality of life for everyone who lives in Weipa. Please make sure you dispose of any domestic or commercial waste properly. 

The Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011 allows people to report littering and illegal dumping that occurs from a motor vehicle, trailer or vessel. A Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN) may be issued to the registered owner of the vehicle. 

Common types of littering activity include:

  • Cigarette butts, drink bottles and fast food packaging 
  • Material that falls off a trailer because it was uncovered or poorly secured
  • Grass clippings swept into a gutter
  • Food scraps thrown into a garden or park
  • Fishing tackle 
  • Items left beside an overflowing bin
  • Items left under your seat at a sports event
  • Household goods left on the footpath in the hope that someone else will take it (with the exception of WTA’s approved Cyclone Cleanup Program.

Dangerous littering is litter that causes, or is likely to cause, harm to a person, property or the environment. This may include throwing a lit cigarette into bushland, leaving a hypodermic needle in a park, or smashing a glass bottle on the footpath.

For further information, including how to make a complaint, please visit the DEHP website:

Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is the unlawful deposit of any type of domestic, commercial or industrial waste over 200 litres (about the volume of an average wheelie bin). Common types of illegal dumping include:

  • Household rubbish or garden waste being thrown over the back fence into parks or bushland
  • Household goods being left on the footpath with a free sign or left outside a charity bin or shop
  • Disposing of building waste (construction and demolition) in bins belonging to other businesses 
  • Dropping off tyres, chemical drums and paint tins at roadside rest stops
  • Driving into bushland, national parks and council reserves and dumping asbestos.

Illegal dumping attracts fines issued as penalty infringement notices (PINs). Waste deposits over 2500 litres in volume attract higher penalties than those under this volume.

For further information, including how to make a complaint, please visit the DEHP website

Trade waste

WTA and Rio Tinto provide a liquid trade waste disposal service for commercial and industrial waste.

The service is designed to promote environmental sustainability and safeguard public health, while ensuring that WTA, Rio Tinto and other businesses comply with their legal responsibilities.

Who needs a Trade Waste Permit?

Any business or premises discharging liquid waste into the Weipa sewage system requires a Trade Waste Permit. This is a State Government requirement, and heavy penalties apply for businesses operating without a permit or in non-compliance with their Trade Waste Permit.

Businesses should obtain a Trade Waste Permit as a part of their approval process to commence operations and should be approved by WTA prior to discharging any waste into the sewage system. Permits are annual and require renewal at the beginning of each financial year.

Weipa Town Authority recognises that not all businesses will have this permit in place, and requests they contact the Communities Department on 07 4030 9400.

How do I get a Trade Waste Permit?

Trade Waste Application form must be completed and submitted to WTA with the correct fees.

Fees are also applicable to various approvals and can be found here

If you have any questions, please contact the Communities Department at WTA on 07 4030 9400. You can read the current Trade Waste Envirnmental Management Plan here or review the Trade Waste Policy here.

Pre Cyclone Clean Up

Each year Weipa Town Authority supports residents to clean up their gardens in preparation for the cyclone season by offering a kerbside pick up of garden waste and some other waste items.Details are advertised closer to the event