Michael Rowland

The Chair of WTA

My family moved from England to Australia when I was 9 years old, we arrived into Australia in Brisbane and it became our new home.  After school I worked in various fields including concrete construction, crane driver in an engineering workshop, and then held a position with Rentokil Pest Control as a supervisor in their Commercial Division.  After a few years with them I left to take up a position with Flick Pest Control which led to my moving to Weipa when Flick secured the contract to provide pest control services to Comalco.

I worked for Flick for 7 years until the company decided that they didn’t want to continue in Weipa, so they gave me the choice to move back to Brisbane, but by this time Weipa was my home.  So my wife and I decided to start up our own business ,Weipa Pest Control.  For the next 20 years we provided our services to not only Weipa but also across the region and into most of the communities.

I stood for the position of Chair of the Weipa Advisory Committee and its evolution to the Weipa Town Authority, from 2000 to 2008, in that time my wife and I also built our own home out at Nanum.  I also was the President of Weipa Community Care for a time, and I have been on various other committees over the years.

Weipa is my home and it is a place that I am very passionate about, a community is not just bricks and mortar it is actually a living entity, it is people.  And over the years that we have lived here we have had the wonderful opportunity to make so many friends, many of whom we are still in contact with years after they have left.  My goal as the Chair of the WTA is to build on the good work of my predecessors, to continue moving the town forward as the community matures and takes on a greater responsibility for its own destiny. 

Email: michael.rowland@weipatownauthority.com.au

Mobile: 0428 809 144