2021 Notification of Construction Works - Northern Avenue Pathway

Published: 16th July 2021

Northern Avenue Pathway

Notification of Construction Works - Northern Avenue Pathway


Notification of construction works


(a) After the start of the dry season this year, survey and construction teams will be establishing work sites in order to undertake the construction of a one and a half kilometre, dual-use, concrete pathway in Rocky Point.  The pathway runs from the Courthouse north along Central Avenue to Northern Avenue, before turning east along Northern Avenue past Kingdom Hall, Deplanchea Terrace and Tonkin Drive to Andoom Road.

(b) Works involved in the pathway include survey, location of underground services, excavation of foundations, carting of materials, placement, and compaction of fill, laying of bedding sand and reinforcement, concrete placement and finish, and remediation of disturbed areas.  Where warranted, traffic control plans will be used to permit safe work near and along the affected roadways. This initiative was supported by the Queensland Government’s Cycle Network Local Government Grants Program

(c) Noise-generating work time is to be restricted:

  • Monday to Friday 06:00 – 17:00
  • Saturday 07:00 – 12:30
  • Sunday and Public Holiday – no noise

Please understand that an emergency or urgent breakage event may still need to be addressed outside these times.

Should you have any query regarding the project, please feel free to call at the office of the Weipa Town Authority in the Hibberd Building at 9 Hibberd Drive, Rocky Point.  Inquiry can also be submitted through the website www.weipatownauthority.com.au and by telephone 4030 9400 or e-mail admin@weipatownauthority.com.au.