Post-Cyclone Green Waste Collection

Published: January 2nd 2019


Weipa Town Authority will be conducting a free green waste collection from 7th - 18th January 2019.

Residents are requested to place any green waste neatly in piles on the front footpath of the property by 5am of the morning your street is scheduled for collection. Items placed out after the scheduled pick-up times or not placed in the correct location will not be collected.

Please note that only green-waste materials such as tree branches, palm fronds and garden waste will be collected.

The pickup dates for each street is listed below:

Collection Schedule

Monday 7th January

Circular Way (1-17 and 2-18), Cypress Road, Arthur Court, Embley Street, Casuarina Crescent, Flinders Street

Monday 14th January

Cumrumja Close, Annandi Avenue, Chillei Nhee,Allowgu  Walk, Tecoma Court, Tonkin Drive, Dalpura Court, Tonkin Road, Deplanchea Terrace

Tuesday 8th January

Bauhinia Avenue, Wattle Terrace, Hibiscus Ave, Pine Road, Merluna Place, Circular Way (19-31 and 18-30)

Tuesday 15th January

Kunduck Gardens, Munding Road, Mankina Court, Taree Court, Transmission Street, Noola Court, Yileen Court, Colong Court, Carcoola Court

Wednesday 9th January

Grevillea Street, Bougainvillea Crescent, Melaleuca Court, Mahogany Avenue, Circular Way (32 to 66 and 33 to 61)

Wednesday 16th January

Damson Court, Peninsular Apartments, Delonix Court, Clarke Close, Acacia Court, Pinaroo Court, Wallana Court, Karingal Court, Killara Place

Thursday 10th January

Alstonia Drive, Pandanus Parade, Nonda Close, Bombax Court, Christie Avenue, Tecoma Crt

Thursday 17th January

Kanthin Road, Awurpa Court, Alakanum Court, Ayam Court, Euodia Court

Friday 11th January

Ina Court, Lydia Court, Kooloo Court, Nimrod Court, Pera Court, River Drive, Awonga Court, Myka Court, Wenlock Court, Tarquin Court

Friday 18th January

Anzac Avenue, Fairway Avenue, Caddy Close, Sunbird Court, Kookaburra Court, Eagle Terrace, Kingfisher Court, Tom Morrison Drive