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Covid 19 community update

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Weipa Town Authority together with the Weipa Local Disaster Management Group, have developed this page to keep you updated with everything COVID-19.

Please be aware that due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 situation, advice and information is changing rapidly. We advise all residents to check this page regularly for the most current information.

QLD health should continue to be your first point of contact for any COVID-19 developments. Visit The Federal Government also has a range of resources including a WhatsApp channel and Coronavirus Australia Government app available. Please visit for more information.

Weipa & Napranum now have a dedicated WhatsApp Channel for local COVID-19 related news and information. Download the WhatsApp app from the Apple or Google Play stores and message 0436 626 342 to subscribe.


As of 23rd April 2020, The Weipa Township area has been formally included in the Biosecurity (Human Biosecurity Emergency) (Human Coronavirus with Pandemic Potential) (Emergency Requirements for Remote Communities)  Amendment (No. 1) Amendment (No. 2) Determination 2020.

The legislation is likely to remain in effect until at least 18th June 2020.

Please see here the Queensland Designated Biosecurity Area map

The Australian Government have commenced enforcing travel restrictions regarding people entering into designated biosecurity zones, including Weipa. All individuals will be screened at vehicle check points and airports prior to entering the declared area.

Keeping communities safe from coronavirus remote area travel restrictions








Entry Requirements for travel into Weipa

There are three main categories of entry into a biosecurity area:

  1. Returning Residents - A person who meets the entry criteria AND who has been isolated from the public (self isolated in an approved facility) for 14 days prior to entry;
  2. Essential Service - A person who meets the entry criteria AND who is engaging in or providing an essential activity (Please note this category does not include spouse or dependants) and
  3. Exemption - A person meets the exemption criteria AND has the permission from a Local Disaster Management Group Chair under advice from the Human Biosecurity Officer.
  • You must isolate for a period of 14 days outside of biosecurity area immediately prior to entry.

    1. Complete Self-Isolation Request for Entry to an Approved Facility (SI-001) and submit to Weipa Local Disaster Management Chair via
    2. If the request is approved, complete 14 days isolation at the designated hotel;
    3. At the conclusion of the self-isolation period, Queensland Health initiates health screening and a Certificate of Self-Isolation is issued;
    4. A sterile corridor is agreed for the approved individual to travel to airport or vehicle control point and enter Weipa

    Documentation required for presentation at Vehicle Checkpoint / Airport:

    • Individual Identification (including Driver’s Licence / Passport / proof of identity)
    • Approved Self-Isolation Form (SI-001) signed by the Weipa Local Disaster Management Group Chair.
    • Certificate of Self-Isolation issued by Queensland Health


    **Returning residents that are driving into a biosecurity area will need to ensure that they have adequate food and fuel supplies BEFORE isolating as they will not be permitted to stop or make contact with any other persons whilst transiting back to Weipa**

  • Persons required to travel into a biosecurity area to perform an essential activity are required to:

    1. Download and complete the online Generic Biosecurity Plan 
    2. Submit a copy of Generic Biosecurity Plan to LDMG Chair via
    3. Complete the online Travelling to remote communities entry pass  

    Documentation required for presentation at Vehicle Checkpoint / Airport:

    • Individual Identification (including Driver’s Licence / Passport / proof of identity)
    • Completed Generic Biosecurity Plan
    • Travelling to or through remote communities entry pass Border Pass
    • Workplace Identification or Letter of Employment
    1. Complete Application for Exemption Form (SI-004) and submit to Weipa Local Disaster Management Group Chair via
    2. If approved, applicants will be asked to complete the online Travelling to remote communities entry pass Note. Select ‘By approved exception’ option as your reason to travel

    Documentation required for presentation at Vehicle Checkpoint / Airport:

    • Individual Identification (including Driver’s Licence / Passport / proof of identity)
    • Approved Application for Exemption Form (SI-004) signed by the Weipa Local Disaster Management Group Chair.
    • Travelling to or through remote communities entry pass Border Pass

Can I travel to other communities within the biosecurity area?

Yes, however only for essential purposes. The Queensland Chief Health Officer’s Home Confinement Direction is still in force and from 12.01am May 16th, the following restrictions will apply.




Covid 16th may 2020 page 1


Covid 16th may 2020 page 2


Covid 16th may 2020 page 3


A person to whom a public health direction applies must comply with the direction unless the person has a reasonable excuse.

Maximum penalty—100 penalty units.  The current penalty unit in Queensland is $133.00 (maximum $13300.00).









Roadmap to easing Queensland's restrictions

Dpc7309 covid 19





What does stage one mean for Weipa?

STAGE 1 restrictions easing:11.59pm 15 May 2020

Community – The following town community facilities will open for a maximum of 10 people:

  • HIbberd Library
  • Weipa aquatic centre
  • Skate park
  • Outdoor Gym equipment
  • All parks and playgrounds within the Weipa town

 Recreational travel – travel up to 150kms within your region for DAY TRIPS ONLY for exercise, boating, picnics, fishing, etc.

  • Attached is a map listing the day use areas open for recreational visits from this weekend these include:
    • Cullen Point
    • Cloughs Landing
    • Vyces Crossing
    • Moreton Telegraph station – takeaway food available, fish in the upper Wenlock
    • Archer river roadhouse – ready to serve burgers
    • Bramwell Junction – ready to serve takeaway food including burgers
    • Elliot, Twin, and Fruit bat falls and the Saucepan – day use only, rangers will be patrolling the national park, non-compliance may result in park closure
  • Reminder Napranum DOGIT, private property, and national park areas not listed above are not open for public access.
  • Please be advised that the following locations are not included in the 150km zone:
    • Lockhart River
    • Chilli Beach
    • Portland Roads.Weipa 150km map












Easing Restrictions FAQ's

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