Weipa Storm Surge Shelter Weipa Storm Surge Shelter

A new Storm Surge Shelter has recently been constructed in Weipa that provides an additional evacuation option for local residents.

Because of the unpredictable weather conditions in the Cape, all Weipa residents should have a household emergency plan, including evacuation and shelter considerations.  

The Weipa Storm Surge Shelter (WSSS) is a last-resort option for those residents with no other shelter arrangements. The best option for Weipa residents is to shelter in a safe and secure structure at home or with friends and family. 

Consider your options carefully

When considering your evacuation options, please remember:

  • The WSSS is intended to be a short-term option (up to 18 hours) with only very basic amenities.  Evacuees will only have about one square metre of seating space and all belongings (food, water, medications and clothing) must fit in a small bag under a seat.
  • There will be no cooking facilities available for use nor will any be allowed to be brought in. No food will be available and no pets will be permitted, for the safety of everyone inside. 
  • Shelters are not pleasant places to be as they are usually cramped, uncomfortable, noisy and hot. Conditions can be compared to sitting on a domestic airline flight where you have little room to move and limited ability to walk around.
  • No alcohol, cigarettes or other prohibited items are permitted into the shelter and there is a strict code of conduct which must be complied with by all evacuees.
  • If everyone has the WSSS as their first option, it will fill quickly and leave other residents with nowhere to go. For this reason, all residents should carefully consider their options if they need to evacuate their home. 

Please refer to the Cyclone Shelter and Evacuation Options brochure for further information.