Water Water

Weipa Town Authority (WTA) encourages all residents to take a responsible approach to the use of water.

Efficient water demand management practices are necessary to ensure the township has adequate water during the dry season, which is typically six months in duration. 

This page will explain more about the way water is supplied to the town, as well as outlining some valuable Water Wise tips that can help reduce wastage.

Watering times

Watering times are from 6am to 8am on allocated days, with hand watering by an adult allowed outside these times.
Odd numbered houses should water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Even numbered houses should water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

If a fully automated sprinkler system is installed, this system can be programmed to operate for a maximum of 2 hours on allocated days during the hours of Midnight to 6am.

Weipa is a Water Wise community

With the increase in growth within the township, RTA have recently upgraded the Rocky Point water network by constructing new trunk and ring mains. These will improve flow pressure distribution within Rocky Point and Trunding. 

Network requirements are constantly being re-evaluated, and RTA has recently completed a year of logging actual water flows and pressures within the system to update the township’s water network computer model.  

Recent analysis of this model has identified that further improvements are required to the pipe network and these are currently being designed for implementation. The analysis also identified the need to improve water efficiency to reduce its demand upon the aquifer, which is a finite resource.

It is vital that residents and businesses continue to improve Water Wise practices to reduce the current water demand upon Weipa’s shallow aquifer borefield.

WTA have commenced a series of projects to reduce water demand upon the aquifer. These include:

  • Improvements to the pipe network 
  • A smart meter replacement program to improve water monitoring and leak detection
  • Network leak detection 
  • Replacing old and inefficient park irrigation systems 
  • Preparing a revised water demand management strategy which will: 
    • analyse water usage for both private and commercial irrigation practices
    • set realistic targets for consumption 
    • introduce programs to assist the township to better manage its water. 

Water Wise Tips

It’s up to everyone in Weipa to use water in the most efficient way we can. The tips below have been designed to highlight simple lifestyle changes that will help to reduce water wastage.

  • A single flush toilet uses 11 litres of water per flush. Compare this to a dual flush toilet with 3 litres per half flush or 6-4.5 litres full flush.
  • A 10-minute shower uses between 60-110 litres of water. If you cut that time in half you would save around 210-350 litres of water per person per week.
  • Brushing your teeth with the water running uses approximately 3 litres per minute. Brushing using a cup of water uses around 0.5 litres.
  • A slow dripping tap leak could cost between 3-27 litres of water per day. Check your taps and replace your washers.
  • A toilet cistern leak can use between 10 litres per day (barely visible) to 260 litres per day (large leak). If you have a leak, contact a licensed plumber to get it repaired.
  • Outdoor washing of cars, furniture and pets can use 15 litres per minute if you use a running hose, but only 9 litres if you use a bucket.
  • Watering your garden with a hose uses approximately 15 litres per minute. If you use sprinklers this amount can be reduced to 6 litres per minute.
  • A small leak in a pool or spa can use 130 litres of water a week. If you regularly need to fill your pool or spa, you may have a leak.

For more information, visit the Water Wise website