WTA Projects WTA Projects

Swimming Pool Refurbishment

The Weipa Aquatic Centre has recently been refurbished. 

A thorough clean of the swimming pool has been completed, including the replacement of approximately 60 tiles and new grouting.

Sand in the pool filters have been replaced and new pumps, valves and seals installed in the plant room.

Change rooms now feature two private shower cubicles in each room, new toilets, benches and a fresh coat of paint. New joinery and roller doors have been installed in the kiosk, as well as air conditioning and a new roof.

The refurbishment has been completed with the laying of new artificial turf around the pool after levelling the ground and filling in pot holes.

Please stay tuned for more projects and upgrades happening around Weipa.

Rocky Point Court Bitumen Sealing Program

In response to community feedback, the Weipa Town Authority has recently undertaken an audit of the court arms in Rocky Point.

As a result of the audit, a program has been developed which involves bitumen sealing the ends of each court arm in Rocky Point to minimize dust and muddy conditions throughout the year.

This program will be carried out as a staged approach over the next two to three years, with works commencing in Kunduck Gardens, Munding Court, and Noola Court.

Further communications regarding upcoming courts will be advised later this year. 

Evans Landing Boat Ramp Stairs

Transport and Main Roads have teamed up with the Weipa Town Authority to improve the Evans Landing Boat Ramp by fabricating and installing a set of steel stairs with a mesh walkway for boat ramp users.

The stairs will be located on the right-hand side of the boat ramp and will allow small boat owners to safely moor their vessels whilst returning their car and trailer to the carpark.

With beach access for vessels, overcrowding on the pontoon will be reduced during periods of high boat activity.  The stairs will create a safe pathway for locals and tourists to access their vessels.