Meet the Members Meet the Members

The Weipa Town Authority is made up of seven Members. Of these, four Members are elected by Weipa residents on the QLD electoral role, two are appointed by Rio Tinto, and one Member is appointed by the Alngith Traditional Owners.

The role of Weipa Town Authority (WTA) Members, including the Chairperson, can be demanding, but also highly rewarding. Click here for more detailed information for prospective candidates.

Elected Members

Michael Rowland – Chair
Stretch Noonan - Deputy Chair
Duane Singleton - Elected Member
Chris Newman - Elected Member

Appointed Representatives

Fiona Kruger - RT Representative
Gerald Foo - RT Representative
Jackie Madua - Traditional Owner Representative

Our Members Our Members

Jackie Madua

Jackie Madua photo

Traditional Owner Representative of the Alngith People

Jackie is the Traditional Owner Representative on the Weipa Town Authority. She has lived in Weipa her whole life and has a partner, two children, one grand daughter and a nephew who she cares for.

Jackie feels privileged to represent the Alngith Traditional Owner group (known as the Alngith people), as Napranum/Weipa was the Alngith ancestral land prior to becoming a township.

Jackie has served in a variety of government and community roles in Weipa, including the Act for Kids safe house in Napranum, Cape York Land Council, Napranum Council and Napranum Youth Centre.

In addition, Jackie was also a member of the first WCCCA Coordinating Committee and Main Trust. The Alngith people are members of this agreement, along with four other traditional owner groups.

Jackie currently Chairs the Alngith Corporation Board. She has also had extensive involvement in the development of the Weipa Township Agreement, including negotiating with Queensland State Government and Rio Tinto. She is a current Director and shareholder of the Ely Trust.

Through her WTA position, Jackie is looking forward to working for the Weipa community. “This is our home, and I will work hard to create positive outcomes for the whole community,” she says.

Phone: 0439 566 872