Meet the Members Meet the Members

The Weipa Town Authority is made up of seven Members. Of these, four Members are elected by Weipa residents on the QLD electoral role, two are appointed by Rio Tinto, and one Member is appointed by the Alngith Traditional Owners.

The role of Weipa Town Authority (WTA) Members, including the Chairperson, can be demanding, but also highly rewarding. Click here for more detailed information for prospective candidates.

Elected Members

Michael Rowland – Chair
Stretch Noonan - Deputy Chair
Duane Singleton - Elected Member
Chris Newman - Elected Member

Appointed Representatives

Fiona Kruger - RT Representative
Gerald Foo - RT Representative
Jackie Madua - Traditional Owner Representative

Our Members Our Members

Michael Rowland

My family moved from England to Australia when I was 9 years old, we arrived into Australia in Brisbane and it became our new home...

Stretch Noonan

Deputy Chair
Stretch has travelled far and wide within Australia, living and working in many different communities, towns and cities...

Chris Newman

Elected Member
English by birth Chris grew up in East Africa where he attended boarding schools in Kenya for his primary and secondary education...

Duane Singleton

Elected Member
During his term with the Weipa Town Authority, Duane is hoping to make a difference to the community...

Gerald Foo

Appointed Member
Gerald Foo joined the Weipa Town Authority in 2017 as one of the two Rio Tinto Weipa Appointed Representatives.

Jackie Madua

Appointed Member
Jackie is the Traditional Owner Representative (Alngith people) on the Weipa Town Authority...

Fiona Kruger

Appointed Member
Fiona Kruger joined the Weipa Town Authority in 2018 as one of the two Rio Tinto Weipa Appointed Representatives.